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Who we are

Ohio River Four Wheelers (ORFW) believes in connecting with the great outdoors and sharing those experiences with others.  We also believe that one of the best ways to do that is with the help of 4wd vehicle.

We connect with great outdoors by having monthly club meetings and trail rides that promote responsible, environmentally conscious off-roading in a family friendly environment. We have approximately 50 families that make up our membership. Trail rides take place on designated routes and trails while practicing Tread Lightly principles.  ORFW, which is a non-profit was found in 1991,  and we are open to any make and Model 4wd.


What we do

ORFW conducts weekend trail rides once a month except during the cold months of winter. We also ride over some holidays, and sometimes other weekends. Trail rides typically begin at 9:00AM on Saturday, and last all day with lunch eaten on the trail. During the summer months, some members also ride on Friday and Sunday.

ORFW members drive several makes and models of four-wheel drive vehicles including Jeeps, Toyotas, Fords, and others. We recognize that driver skill and vehicle capabilities are varied, and are accommodating to that fact. If you don't think your vehicle can conquer a particular obstacle - don't risk damage - go around it. There are almost always bypass trails. If you want to see what your vehicle can do, we are there with experienced advice and assistance. Where we go, we go as a group. No vehicle is ever left behind, even in the event of a breakdown.

If you have a 4 wheel drive vehicle that you have been wanting to take in the woods, or perhaps you have been off-roading already, but would like to hit some more challenging trails with friendly folks, then yes you can ride along! As a matter of fact, we require anyone who wants to join ORFW to ride along on at least one trail ride, and attend at least one meeting. It's free. All you need to do is cover your own expenses (gas, food, etc).

 So, don't be shy, attend a meeting or a ride, we look forward to meeting you and learning your story. Head on over to our Facebook page and introduce yourself! 

ORFW Board

ORFW Board members


Kevin Hedzik

Vice President
Chad Fox


Garrett Marine


Secretary AKA Daycare Manager
Kristie Fox

Aaron Roddy.jpg

Event Coordinator\Founding Member
Aaron Roddy

Contact us

How to reach us

The easiest way to connect with the group is on our Facebook Page. There you can find the latest ride information and meeting dates. You can also learn what it takes to join one of southwest Ohio's premier off-road groups who are also members of Southern Four Wheel Drive and practice the Tread Light code of conduct for the trails. We are working to keeps the trails open for generations to come.


Trail Rides

March 9th- Daniel Boone Backcountry Byway
Rating: Stock to Mild
Meeting Location:  Junior Williamson Rest Area Slade,KY
Ready to roll out at 9:00 A.M. 
More details - 

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Meetings are held the second Thursday of Each month at the Quaker Steak and Lube in Milford, OH 45150 at 7:30p.m.


Jan 11th
Feb. 8th
March 14
April 11th
May 9th


June 13th
July 11th
August 8th
Sept. 12th
Oct. 10th

Nov 14th

Feb 11th

Upcoming meeting Info

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